Friday, May 28, 2010

16th c. Renaissance/Elizabethan Noble Gown

I am willing to lend out this gown to anyone needing a costume for Renaissance events.

The full costume includes:
- bodice
- skirt
- velvet flat cap
- silver belt (optional)
- sleeves (optional)
- fur (optional)

This gown also has a matching turquoise late 16th c. jacket, if that is more your style. 


bust: 33" or smaller
waist: 27" or smaller
height: 5'6" or a bit taller

This gown is very tight-fitting. The jacket is a little looser.

The dress is made of jacquard, with large sleeves that tie on at the shoulders. The bodice closes with lacings on the side back seams. I recommend wearing a corset with this bodice, but it's not absolutely necessary - the jacket is a little looser, and can be worn without a corset. Many petticoats, or a modest farthingale is also recommended, as well as a shirt, although if you are without a shirt or chemise, I am willing to lend it as well (but it's on so-so condition). 

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