Friday, May 28, 2010

16th c. Elizabethan Noble "Travel" Costume

This costume is a later Elizabethan ladies' doublet ensemble, with separate silk sleeves, a matching tall hat, and black silk skirt. The bodice is made of gold jacquard, with black velvet ribbon trim.

This costume includes:
- doublet bodice
- black silk skirt
- black tie-on sleeves
- ridiculously tall hat

bust: 34" (or a bit larger)
waist: 28"
height: 5'6" +/-

The bodice closes with hooks and eyes up the front, and is worn closed to the neck. A shirt with a high collar is recommended, or a separate ruff. The bodice has a little flaw in the bust, so if you are bustier than 34" that will help fill it out. The photo on the left shows the additional velvet trim added to the bodice.

The sleeves are split, with velvet ribbons connecting the upper and lower parts in a germanic fashion. They are silk sleeves, with slashings, and trapunto (cording) styling, and tie on at the shoulder. The skirt is a slim-line "hunting" skirt, made of black silk dupioni. It is not designed to be worn over a farthingale, so only a couple petticoats will be necessary. The hat is a very high "tall hat" that sits on the top of the head at an angle, rather than down over your forehead. It's a bit ridiculous (and fun!), so don't feel obligated to wear it, but it adds a lot to the outfit!

Please e-mail me if you wish to wear this costume!

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