Monday, February 22, 2010

Event: Preservation Ball

Ladies and Gents, this was forward to me by a couple of our esteemed members, to pass on to you!  It seems we have all been invited to a fancy dress ball!

Get your tickets NOW, as the Tahoe House is a small venue and will sell out quickly.  For tickets, call Carolyne at (775) 847-5264

Look for future articles and workshops on what to wear to the Preservation Ball.  For a taste, here a couple inspirational images!

gown from 1855

a Worth gown from 1867

some things to wear from the 1870s

tails, frock coats, vests, and top hats for the men

a gorgeous Worth ball gown from the 1880s

An 1890s ball gown or wedding gown by Worth

A later Edwardian ball gown from 1912

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