Monday, August 16, 2010

Steampunk Steam Train Extravaganza - September 11, 2010

When: September 11, 2010 - memorialize 9/11 by celebrating our unique Western American Heritage.
Where: Carson City Train Depot - take the train to Virginia City and back again.
OR meet the group in Virginia City (drive up for the day).

Come join The Great Basin Costume Society AND the Sacramento Steampunk Society as we take the Wild West by storm as Steampunk time travelers!

GBCS members - ride the train from Carson if you like, or drive up to Virginia City to meet the Sac Steampunkers as they come in on the train. The 51st Annual International Camel Races are going on this weekend as well, so there will be lots to see and do, and plenty of people to admire us in our costumes!

Purchase Train Tickets:
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From the Sacramento Steampunk Society: This is a major weekend outing. We will meet in Carson City, Nevada at 9:30 AM Saturday (earlier if you want to tour the train museum first) to take a steam excursion train to Virginia City.

We will have about three and a half hours to tour the old west silver mining town of Virgina City (with an introduction by a local guide) before reboarding the train for the return trip.

Saturday evening we will have a banquet in Carson City (details to be arranged). We will be riding the historic Virginia City and Truckee railroad in recently restored 1914 Pullman cars (inside with padded seats) behind a recently restored real steam locomotive.

How to Dress Steampunk: 
Think of Jules Vern, "The Golden Compass," movies like "Stardust" and "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Steampunk is a combination of Victorian attire - fine ladies and gentlemen, explorers, goths and vampires, smugglers and pirates - Science, and Victorian aesthetic. Spruce up your Victorian outfits with watch gears, add some driving or flying goggles, combine costume pieces you wouldn't normally. It's not about being historically accurate, but is instead about creativity, "time travel," and having fun!

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